About Ginn Law

Ginn Law was born out of desire to help people. Our practice has evolved over the years to a more personalized approach revolving around a team mentality. Our lawyers understand the sensitivity of your situation and the importance of your needs. Our representation is geared towards meeting those needs, giving your peace of mind and results. 

In personal injury matters, results are measured by monetary awards, either through settlement or through verdicts attained in litigation. In family law matters, results are measured through efforts at helping you get out of failing relationships, helping you achieve custody, helping you with needed or desired changes or through necessary accountability through contempt claims. Criminal cases are valued in our ability to provide results measured against the threat of incarceration or the invasion of your freedoms that may be in jeopardy as a result of the criminal charges you face. At Ginn Law, your freedom is highly valued and our efforts to protect those freedoms are taken seriously.

Josh Ginn formed this firm in order to provide a most effective, personal approach to your problems. By taking an approach that magnifies our tremendous desire to help others with their problems, we advance our clients’ legal issues with compassion and zeal. The team work mentality has provided proven results; the compassionate and aggressive representation ensures the best possible outcomes.